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Headaches, back pain, neck pain, or leg pain…ANY PAIN!

Pain is never the problem. It is merely the body's way of telling you something isn't right. Just like the "check engine" light in a car is not the problem , it is an indication that something else is wrong. We spend billions and billions of dollars every year in this country just hiding the pain. That is just like putting a piece of tape over the "check engine" light so that we don't see it. Just like we can expect bigger problems from our car if we were to do that, the same thing applies to our body when we hide the pain with drugs.

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When our pain is a product of some sort of interference in our nervous system, that is doubly dangerous. The same nerves that give us the pain we feel when they are irritated, also supply vital information to all of our internal organs. A developing fetus is a great example of the principal. The first thing to develop in human beings is the brain, then the spinal cord grows out of the brain like a tail, then the nerves grow out of the spinal cord like little shoots of spaghetti. guess what grows on the ends of these nerves? Your organs… All of them! No exceptions! Why do we grow in this order? Because the brain controls all organs structures and functions of the body. It makes sense then, if we sever the nerve the organ will cease to function.

At CEV Chiropractic and Nutrition we are dedicated to detecting this phenomenon in its earliest stages and provide care not just for relief but for correction as complete as the body is capable of.

The disease or symptom you are suffering from may be traced back to some degree of nerve irritation. If we accept you as a patient it is because we believe that after our thorough examination we will be able to be of assistance. Here is a partial list of symptoms that chiropractic has a proven track record of helping:

Next and back pain
Arm and leg pain
Blood pressure elevation
Cardiac issues
Circulatory issues
Elimination problems

In fact, every ailment known to man benefits when the immune system becomes more healthy. And guess what controls your immunity? Your central nervous system.

We are dedicated to helping the community understand this concept as much as we are dedicated to helping the people that are suffering from these conditions.

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