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Do you know what the first thing to develop in a baby that is growing inside its mother's womb? It is the brain! The spinal cord grows out of the brain kind of like a tail. Then the spinal nerves shoot out of the spinal cord. Guess what grows on the ends of these nerves? All of your organs! Why do we develop in that order you might ask? Because the brain controls and regulates everything! No exceptions… if you cut off the nerve supply to an organ, the organ will die. If you reduce nerve supply to an organ it will begin to suffer but we won't be aware of this suffering until we are in a crisis like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc. And guess what? This can happen with little or no pain. If you are already experiencing pain, then there has been a reduction in nerve supply that will result in some sort of internal compromise with time.

At CEV Chiropractic and Nutrition we are committed to detecting this as early as possible and providing true corrective care as opposed to just temporary pain relief.

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